It is the client’s responsibility to purchase and supply the paper and envelopes. Not all paper is suitable for pointed pen calligraphy. Textured paper I will not be able to work with. If you are unsure if the paper will work, you can send me a sample for me to test.

After I test it and let you know if the paper will work, be sure to order 15 - 20% extra of all your paper goods (envelopes, escort cards, etc.). This allows for errors, additions to your list, or last minute updates. It will save you from ordering more paper right before your big event!

I do return any unused paper and left over materials to my clients.

Preparing your guest list

Please send your guest list in a typed format (Word or Excel). If you are having inner envelopes please also be sure to include a list of names for those or have them listed on the same document in a separate column or under the main address.  It makes it very easy on me if the content is stacked (Name above Street Address above City State Zip), as opposed to all on one line (Name, Street Address, City State Zip). See below for a few acceptable layout examples.

Example One:

Outer Envelope                
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Smith
12345 Magazine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

Inner Envelope
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
*childrens names if included*

Example Two:

Outer Envelope
Mr. and Mrs. James Jones
6789 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

Inner Envelope
James and Sarah

Abbreviations and Formatting

You may include abbreviations such as the state, St., Rd, Blvd, Apt. etc. and I will spell all those out for you. If you have extremely long addresses I will occasionally have to implement the "and" symbol, abbreviate words, or even place the zip code on the bottom (you will not be charged extra for this) in order to make it fit properly. This also applies to addresses that contain two guests on the same line. I will always use my best judgement to make sure the address doesn't appear overcrowded on the envelope. In some cases I will have to stack guests names when space does not permit. Just for your info, if there are two guests invited and they are not married then they should be stacked anyway.

Extra Envelopes

When shipping your envelopes please be sure to include 15 - 20% extra for additions or mistakes. Most invitation companies sell extra envelopes in increments of 25 for a low cost. It is important that you provide me with extras to allow for mistakes and additions you might have. Please just make sure a note is in the package indicating they belong to you.

Additions and Corrections

Once I have received your list you can certainly add, remove or make corrections if they arise. Please just email me with these edits (not the entire list over) and I will be happy to update your original list provided. Also, please note if I have already done an address that needs revisions you will be charged twice. Also, I will hold a few extra of your envelopes (if enough were provided here in my studio) in the case you have additions or find mistakes once your job has been returned. I am always happy to immediately correct any mistakes on our behalf and will mail them back via USPS (first class mail) within two business days.


Please be sure to ship your order to me on the date you provided on your contract. If you are going to be late on shipping I will have to adjust your return date or put a rush on your order. All packages can be shipped to the below address with no signature required (your preferred carrier). If you wish to have your envelopes shipped directly from the company in which you have ordered you may do so as well. Please just be sure the company puts a note in the package with your name on it. When sending your order back to you, I will include the shipping cost in your final invoice. Thanks!

Ship to the following address:
Vanessa Herbert
5028 Magazine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115


Please visit the envelope pricing page for details on current price charts. If there is something you do not see contact me and I will gladly send your more details. I will include the price of shipping your order back to you in your final invoice. 

Please Remember

All of my calligraphy is done by hand. There may be slight variations in color, size, style, centering, spacing, and margins throughout the order. I will always do my best to make everything as perfect as possible.